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I'm Mae Polzine, I'm 24 and currently living in Minnesota, United States. I post new blog posts (almost) daily at 16:00 CDT/CST on various topics such as: cruelty-free beauty, lifestyle, and home decor. This blog was born out of needing a creative outlet upon leaving college and working in the Healthcare IT Field. When I first started blogging, I had no idea I would fall in love with beauty, specifically cruelty free beauty, and now I have my own guide on this blog. If you like what I do on this blog, support me on Patreon or support directly on here using the "Support" button, so I can continue to put out amazing content. Also consider joining the Howl Pack as we would love to have you!

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Go Cruelty-Free! Think of the animals... think of the dogs. I mean look at their faces, you wouldn't want to see animals like this being tested on and tortured for your beauty products... now would you? There are many alternatives to testing on animals so supporting cruelty-free brands is a great way to stopping that testing in the beauty industry as you're voting with your dollar.

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