Healthy Breakfast Options For Rushed Mornings

I'm not a huge breakfast person. Don't get me wrong I do love some breakfast foods like cheesy scrambled eggs, omelets, donuts, oatmeal and waffles... but I don't like eating when I wake up. I need a solid hour or two before I can even think about eating. So I don't plan that time in when I'm getting ready in the morning. But then when I get to work, an hour later I'm starting to get hungry. So these are 3 healthy breakfast choices when you don't have time in the morning to make yourself a full breakfast but still want something to eat.

The first thing to note all these things are items to make ahead of time, because if you don't have time in the morning to eat... you probably also don't have time to make something either. So if you fall in both boats, these meals are for you!

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Moving in Together, 6 Space Efficient Tips

When a couple has decided to move their relationship to the “next level” they often decide to move in together. This allows them time to learn each other’s habits and lifestyles on the most intimate level. Roughly 48% percent of couple practice cohabitation before marriage according to USA Today.

As exciting as this time in your life is, it also promises to be your first challenge. Space is always an issue to some degree. Along with the physical restraints of increasing closet, cabinet, and bathroom space, this is when you discover the habits of your partner.

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