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Hello and welcome to my little corner on the internet that is dedicated to cruelty free beauty and lifestyle. My name is Mae Polzine, and I'm 24 years old living in Minnesota, United States. I went completely cruelty free for all things beauty in 2016 and have wanted to share everything in regards to that as well as things about my life, photography, blogging, and more. For more information about what brands are cruelty free, check out my Cruelty-Free Guides. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please subscribe and join the Bugsy family! I also offer stock photo packs if you want to up your game. Check out my out my shop page for stock photo packs  for more information on that! Like what I do on this blog, support me on Patreon so I can continue to put out amazing content.

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If you're interested in nerdy topics such as video games, comic books, movies, and television shows; check out my other blog (Rose & Mae). Or if you're interested in watching video games on YouTube, check out my gaming channel (Mae Games)! I post on there daily at 14:00 CST/CDT with games like The Sims 4, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Overwatch, Minecraft, and more.

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