20 Cures for a Bad Day

Some days despite all our attempts to be happy and positive, we just have a day that seems to drag us through the mud. It’s just part of life… or for me, dealing with bipolar disorder. Some days it just really wants to test you. So here are some things that I do to try to put myself in a better mood and have some positive note in my day.

  1. Call one of your girl friends and talk about anything. Even rant if you need to get things off your chest.
  2. Write in a journal or notebook.
  3. Have a mini spa session at home, a good pamper session from your favorite bath bomb to a good face mask can make a world of difference.
  4. Make yourself your favorite meal. For me, I will make myself a cheesecake or Mexican dip. These two things always lift my mood.
  5. Do something nice for someone else. Seeing a stranger smile can do a lot to lift your mood.
  6. Have a sleepover with your gal pals. Pizza and drinks are a must!
  7. Take a break from social media and do a hobby or craft you enjoy.
  8. Play some video games. I know playing an RPG where you have to fight enemies does a lot for letting me get my frustration out.
  9. Spend some time praying, meditating or reading an uplifting book.
  10. Put on some music and just melt into the songs to escape the thoughts rushing through your head.
  11. Go visit a coffee shop or bookstore that you’ve always wanted to go to.
  12. Talk to your mom.
  13. Practice some yoga.
  14. Do something that will make you laugh. From watching your favorite comedy shows or YouTubers.
  15. Soak up some sunshine or take a walk.
  16. Watch a movie or TV show you enjoy.
  17. Create a list of all the things you’re grateful for.
  18. Drink lots of water. You never know how much drinking a little bit of water can really turn your day around.
  19. Clear off some of your schedule or to-do list so you can take an hour or two to yourself.
  20. Find something positive to turn your thoughts towards or to look forward to.

How do you battle or deal with a bad day?


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