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My pen name is Mae Polzine, but my real name is Ali. I am a Clinical Application Engineer for a Cloud Hosting company for rural and small hospitals/clinics around the world. And I am an associate that works in a pet hotel helping to care for dogs and cats that are currently being boarded while their owners are away. Which I love, but needed to find another space to carve out/write about all my other interests such as lifestyle and cruelty-free beauty. So I created this blog in February 2015 as well as a YouTube channel where I post similar things. As well as a gaming YouTube channel.

I am a huge dog lover and want to have many dogs in the future, kind of like my own little pack. Right now I just have Pixie Bug, but I'm hoping to get her siblings one day. She sort of has one though through my mom and sister as they have a dog named Winnie Bear, and any day I'm working for long periods of time she stays with them.

If you want to follow me any where else on the web, I'm under the username MaePolzine. Including: YouTube, Bloglovin', Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

I solely use beauty/makeup products that are cruelty-free as of March 2016. I do support brands that are cruelty-free even if their parent company is not, because it sends a message to the parent company that they don't need to test on animals in order to be successful. In a way, I'm using my money as my vote in animal testing. I'll support the cruelty-free company over the animal testing one any day. I will try to keep a guide to cruelty-free beauty on the main navigation ribbon at all times, if you think something should be on the list that's not. Let me know and I'll research it. You may just see that brand added with an accompanying blog post about it's addition to the list.

Currently I post as often as possible, almost on a daily basis. Someday I would love to make it a full time job where I could post even more and dive into other topics but unfortunately I do not have that bandwidth at this time. I would also love one day to have my own beauty/cosmetics brand. Want to know anything else about me? Well keep on reading and let me know!

One final thing. Thank you so much for everyone who takes the time out of their day to read, comment, or show interest in the things I post on this website. I only hope to help at least a handful of you in any area that you may have needed it.

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Note: I am very selective when it comes to featuring items because it's important to me that I work with brands that I truly believe in and fits with the style/ethos of my blog. Thank you for any and all inquiries.

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