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Hi Howl Pack!

I’m Mae Polzine, real name (or rather nickname) Ali. I have worked in the technical support side of the healthcare industry for the better part of a decade. So, I needed a place where I could share my other loves and to be creative, since it’s something I’m passionate about. Sometimes it felt like my soul was fractured between problem solving, technology, and knowledge side with the side that carved creativity (painting and writing), so while I do one side for work, I needed an outlet for the other. And thus, this blog was born back in 2015.

I used to make YouTube videos long before then on channels no longer existing. I still have a YouTube channel which mainly consists of VODs of Twitch streams and highlights from those streams. Prior to that I’ve been on various social media platforms that have come and gone in popularity over the years from Gaia to Myspace to Tumblr (though I’m still on there). If you want to follow me anywhere else on the web, I’m under the username MaePolzine. Including: YouTube, Bloglovin’, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch and TikTok.

I have lived almost all of my life in Minnesota in the Twin Cities region though I did go to Montana for a few years for college. And I’ve had dogs almost all of my life, I literally can’t go a day or so without the presence of a dog somewhere nearby. Currently I just have Pixie Bug, whose mother was a corgi. But you would never guess that from looking at her, nor did her DNA testing come back with that. She’s a super mutt. One day I want to have a whole pack of my own. Though she’s not my dog, the family dog is named Winnie Bear. She’s a rescue also from the south, but we have no history on her other than she had children prior to us getting her as she was still weaning off of producing milk for the puppies and we think she may have been attacked by another dog as she has scars on her face and a rip in her ear. It would also explain her massive fear of other dogs. But she loves hanging out with Pixie so we’re all good there. You’ll see their pictures all over my social media accounts as I love taking pictures of and with them.

I’ve been playing video games since I was four years old. I used to sneak out of my room at night to go down into the basement where our computers were to play games. Mainly anything from Humongous Entertainment (Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, Putt-Putt, etc), and educational video games as that was all I was allowed to play growing up until I was in junior high school then I was introduced to The Sims. Over the years, those nerdy tendencies haven’t gone away, so I have lots of thoughts and theories on different video games, movies, books, and television shows. If anyone is curious, here are some of my favorites (not in any particular order):

As far as makeup, I only purchase products that are cruelty free as of March 2016. If you see old posts or videos from before that date you will some products that are not. I haven’t fully removed them all from the interwebs but also those opinions were valid back in the day before I made the switch. But since then, I do not support any brand that tests on animals. I do support brands that are cruelty-free even if their parent company is not, because it sends a message to the parent company that they don’t need to test on animals in order to be successful. In a way, I’m using my money as my vote in animal testing. I’ll support the cruelty-free company over the animal testing one any day.

One final thing. Thank you so much for everyone who takes the time out of their day to read, comment, or show interest in the things I post on this website. My goal is either to inspire, entertain, or help you with whatever you need. If I manage to do any of those to even one person, then that’s all I need to keep going. If this never becomes huge, it doesn’t matter. I love just love blogging and that’s why I do it.

Want to know anything else about me? Let me know!

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