Beauty Brands I Won’t Ever Purchase From

I’ve done anti-hauls and have mentioned a few of these brands before. But I thought I would just have one single post of cruelty free beauty brands that I’ve never purchase a single product from. Some of these I have tried in the past while other ones I have not, because I seriously can’t stand them. If you enjoy any products from these brands, keep using them. There are no rules to beauty. Things I might not like, could be your go-to. You keep doing you, and I’ll do me. Alright now that we have all that out of the way, let’s get into it.

Image Source: Instagram user Kyliecosmetics Image Source: Instagram user Kyliecosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner is part of the Kardashian clan so her name alone add additional price to the products. That’s not the thing I have a problem with. I have a problem with the fact that I can get the exact same products from ColourPop for like nothing in comparison. The two brands do share a sister factory/manufacturer, so that does lead to similar products. But the quality of Kylie’s products just flop, there’s nothing luxurious about them to justify the price. A lot of times the applicators are sub-par and never get addressed until some big influencer or YouTuber makes a stink about it. Unless that happens they are tight-lipped with horrible customer service. So no thank you.

Also she recently came out with brush set for $360 then pretended that was her option for the price, when they look cheaper than my e.l.f. brushes which are like $1 to $3 each. You don’t need expensive brushes to get amazing looks, you just need to know how to use your tools. I use my fingers sometimes and can get the same amazing result. It’s all about technique. And that kind of a result is bull shit! Pardon my language but seriously?!?! Also labs give you the price to make the product, and then the brand chooses the mark up. In this case several hundred dollar mark up. And if my mind wasn’t made up beforehand about this brand, this really just pushed my opinion over the edge to no way in ever hell! I’ll stick to my Morphe, e.l.f., and ColourPop brushes and be happy as a clam.

KKW Beauty

Again overpriced for nothing but a name. And I don’t just have hundreds sitting around for product with hardly anything in it. And I hardly hear anyone talking about or using those products except for when they first launch. Kim did launch contour palettes for each skin tone range, and the colors were off for darker skin tones. They were all grey toned which doesn’t work for most skin tones.

Too Faced

I’ve been pretty vocal about my opinion of this brand in almost every anti-haul. I’m allergic to all of their eyeshadows and nothing else I’ve tried has ever made me want to use it again. Like to a point where I found after applying the Chocolate palettes my eyes were insanely itching. And then they would start to burn, but at this point I’m already taking off almost all my makeup directly after I applied it then starting over from scratch. After trying numerous times with a variety of their palettes, not just the chocolate ones, the result was the same. And I returned to all the other amazing palettes in my collection that do a hell of a lot better. Including the Makeup Revolution dupe ones, sure I have to work at them more and watch for fall out. But I know how to deal with it, and my eyes don’t burn with them! Plus as a cherry on top, this company also just has awful customer service. I’ve never directly dealt with them but how they treated their customers over the whole “there aren’t unicorns in the rainforest” thing just was the icing on the cake to never make me want to try another Too Faced product ever again.

What brands do you avoid?


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