10 Activities to Reduce Stress

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Lately, I have been really stressed out and I’ve been trying to reduce that stress the best I possibly can. It doesn’t help that I decided to increase the number of blog posts I wanted to post here and on Rose & Mae. As well as the number of videos a week on both of my YouTube channels. Plus add on working around sixty or more hours a week, and I’m just stressed and exhausted almost all of the time. So I’ve been trying to cut back the amount of time I spend on things that are very mentally taxing and incorporating more stress reducing activities.

These are the activities I generally do or try to do to help me reduce the amount of stress in my life:

  1. Go for a walk, either with Pixie or without.
  2. Meditation before I go to bed.
  3. Paint whatever comes to my head or just throwing random colors on the canvas.
  4. Reading a book that’s been on my reading list for ages.
  5. Putting on some music then just getting lost.
  6. Put on my favorite video game and just getting lost in the plot or endless tasks.
  7. Watch YouTube videos or binge watch a TV show on Netflix.
  8. Start a craft. I like sculpting with polymer clay or coloring.
  9. Turning off my electronics and just doing something that doesn’t involve being connected to the world.
  10. See your best friend or talk to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

What activities do you do to reduce stress in your life?

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