Fun Facts About Pixie and Winnie

I love dogs, I have always loved dogs. In fact “dog” was my very first word and it was what I wished for every year at Christmas until my parents finally caved when I was in Kindergarten and got my first dog named Sadie who was a German Shepherds mix. Probably one of the reasons I love German Shepherds and would love to get another some day. But right now I’m in small townhouse and soon an apartment, so a big German Shepherd isn’t in the cards at the moment. Anyways, I want to share more about the dogs in my life on my blog. If you didn’t know I have an entire page about them in my about section and they have their own Instagram. So today inspired by From Roses, I’m going to be sharing a few fun facts about each of the pack members.

Pixie Bug

She is the first dog I’ve had who isn’t a family dog that I share. I mean, she started out as one but is no longer as she’s purely my dog. We have no idea what breed Pixie is but suspect she’s either a Jack Russell Terrier Mix or a Rat Terrier Mix of some type. Her mother was a corgi, but you would never guess it by her legs. Some even think she might be part whippet, maybe someday we’ll actually do one of those DNA tests to find out.

  • We were going to adopt Pixie’s sister, but I had to work that day so my mom went to pick her up from the foster home and ended up coming home with Pixie as she had softer fur.
  • Bug cannot be trusted with fluffy toys, they will be destroyed in 1 minute.
  • Pixie has a sensitive stomach and if she has anything with rice she gets an upset stomach, so she’s on a strict no grain diet.
  • Pixie is insanely shy towards dogs and other people, but she’s also the biggest tease towards them too.
  • Bug loves to play fetch and go to off-lease dog parks. We could also go off-lease on trails without me worrying about her as she never goes out of eye sight and will come back to me often to check that I’m still walking forward.
  • Bug got her nickname when she was in her puppy ugly. She had long legs, huge eyes, and a small head.
  • She loves to stick her tongue out at you, we swear it’s not by accident when she does it.
  • Pixie dries almost instantly as her fur is resistant to water. Learned that one from PetSmart when they were going to do some Halloween accents (chalk or temp dog safe dye) but none of it would hold to her fur.
Pixie Bug and Winnie Bear
Winnie Bear

Winnie Bear

Oh this silly ol’ bear is the family dog or rather my mom’s and sister’s, but considering how close she is with Pixie and the fact we’ve been living with her the past year she’s a family dog. Winnie is a rescue we adopted shortly after I moved out with Pixie. My mom couldn’t stand the weekends without a dog, which used to be the only time I had the Bug when I first moved. But shortly after adopting Winnie, I got Pixie full time. We don’t know much of Winnie’s past but we do know she had a litter at one point and was attacked as she’s covered in scars on her face and has a slash through one of her ears. Whatever attacked her as made her terrified of other dogs, except for Pixie but more on that in the fun facts.

  • When we went to adopt her, we were actually there for her daughter. But someone else adopted her immediately before we arrived. Since we already had forms in, they let us go for Winnie without the pre-approval phase.
  • On the first day we got Bear, she threw Pixie across the room. Pixie was either understanding or stupid and didn’t give up on Bear, that now she’s Bear’s only friend.
  • Bear loves fuzzy blankets and pillows, she will make a fort out of your bed if you don’t put something heavy on top of it that she move to rearrange your entire bed.
  • Winnie loves to take our shoes or gloves, not to destroy but to cuddle with when we’re gone.
  • Winnie will only play with fluffy toys.
  • Bear likes to toss antlers/bones up in the air, and will look at them confused when they hit her in the face.
  • She often has a snaggletooth but it’s not always showing.
  • We did not pick Winnie’s name. That was the name she had before we got her, but she’s such a Pooh Bear we couldn’t change it.
  • Winnie will hit you playfully when she wants something like dinner, walk to go to the bathroom (only way she’ll go), or play time.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. March 11, 2019 / 1:47 AM

    Your dogs are so cute! It’s so funny that Pixie will destroy fluffy toys but Winnie loves them. My cats are like that, Quantum will literally eat any toys made of fabric so we can’t leave our other cat with his favourite toys.

    • Mae Polzine
      March 11, 2019 / 6:55 AM

      Thank you, yeah we just gave up on putting them away so we end up sewing the toys back together like once a week.

      • March 11, 2019 / 4:19 PM

        I need to learn how to sew ūüėÜ It would save me a lot of money from half chewed toys

      • Mae Polzine
        March 11, 2019 / 5:02 PM

        Yeah it’s given me a lot of practice and now my stitches aren’t terrible.

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