Thriller Series at Passion Church

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Hello everybody,

For starters I have to say I love my church and how they have a say, “You don’t have to be anti-culture to be pro-god.” This is an amazing statement that not many congregations agree with. Especially around the Halloween season. Most have an anti-Halloween stance. Which is not the world we live in, especially in America where Halloween is everywhere for the month of October. You cannot go to YouTube or TV channels or stores without seeing Halloween decorations or messages. And using Michael Jackson’s Thriller to get across the message that you can face your fear is something that I love. Because there may be zombies and vampires and bumps in the night around Halloween that may get your heart pounding, but that doesn’t mean you need to be afraid. Or see the Halloween season as evil. It gets us to face our fears. We live for the amusement. I went to ValleyScare with my sister to go through haunted houses and I hate jump scares with a passion because they freak me out. But am I going to always avoid haunted houses? No. I face my fear and go in anyways. And each time I’m not as scared.

Some of the morning crew for PassionKidz at 7 AM getting ready for first service. I was Tinkerbell! Picture taken by Denise Fadina.
Some of the morning crew for PassionKidz at 7 AM getting ready for first service. I was Tinkerbell! Picture taken by Denise Fadina.

So on Sunday, October  25th, I helped out my church in the children ministry around known as Passion Kidz where we had 155 children show up for games and a costume parade. I dressed up as Tinkerbell so show my holiday spirit. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it. Seeing their smiles and excitement, reminded me about all the fun times I had as a child. Unfortunately i couldn’t say some of those experiences were at church, because my previous churches were anti-culture. So volunteering and being part of Passion, really warms my heart. That you can be part of society and part of the church without having to give up one for the other.

During service we learned that one of the local News Station stopped by as well to go a segment about the church as well. So if you want to check out their article and the segment that featured on air. Check out KSTP Channel 5 News. And if you want to see either sermon Pastor Jonathan Brozozog gave during our Thriller 2015 series check them out as they are both amazing, I’ll have both videos below.

What are some things your church does during the Halloween season? Or what would you wish they did?

– Mae Polzine

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