Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

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Hello Everybody, 

Since it was just Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I got to enjoy a four day weekend. I took a bunch of photos over the weekend and I thought I would share them with you, as well as how I spent my weekend.


I enjoyed thanksgiving with my mom, sister, aunt and uncle on my mom’s side, some of my cousins, and their extended family as I have done for the past three years. They leave out in the country side of Minnesota but relatively close to our house that I’ve gone to a lot throughout my life. And at one point dreamed about getting married on that farm, but they are moving within a few years and I will probably not be getting married for many years to come. Anyways, we enjoyed a very traditional meal complete with: turkey, buns, mashed potatoes, stuffing, salad, cranberry, pumpkin pie, and bread pudding.  One of my cousins also made a gluten free yam pie, that tasted almost just like pumpkin pie that was really good.

Black Friday

Many people go out this day to go shopping, but I completed all my shopping online so I don’t have to wait in all the lines. I used these deals for all my Christmas shopping. And I can honestly say I almost have all my gifts for my family bought. I still have a few to get but those are going to take time to gather as they are going to be pretty planned out. We also spent the evening going to Lowe’s and purchasing our Christmas tree. Which my mom wanted a smaller tree this year but ended up changing her mind the second we looked at them. Good thing they were 25% off for Black Friday.

Christmas Tree

After giving the tree a day to unfold, we could begin decorating our Christmas tree. It’s a mixture of red and white with ornaments we’ve gathered over our life. We used to get an ornament every year that summed what we did that year. So it’s always fun to go through the box. Granted a lot have been either broken or destroyed in a flood years past. But still a lot have survived.

How do you spend your Thanksgiving weekend?

– Mae Polzine

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