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Life Lately | December 2015


Hi everybody,

Life has been interesting lately and I thought I would take a day break in Christmas/holiday/seasonal posts to talk about what’s been going on. I do hope that you have been enjoying blogmas. I think I may try to keep up the almost daily posts when it’s over as I’ve enjoyed it that much. If not, I’ll definitely be doing posts every Tuesday and Thursday.  Let me know what you guys think, as I would love your input.

Anyways… Life has been interesting in several areas in my life.

Family Life

It’s been interesting for two reasons. First, I saw my father for the first time in two years the other day and it was really awkward. Like that sad awkward moment you have when you see someone for the first time in years when you used to be really close or you looked up to them for years. Second, my mom has been dealing a lot of money related issues. So it’s been making for a rather stressful time. Which was part of the reason my sister and I decided to do a 12 days of Christmas for her. Hopefully it all turns out for the best.

Work Life

It’s been hectic to say the least, we’re in the midst of training new employees so there aren’t as many of us in the on call rotation anymore for the next few weeks. Add on a bunch of upgrades and my weeks are feeling really long. And sleep is going down the drain but when I get some… I’m sleeping for hours. So hopefully there aren’t too many negative effects from this in the end. But it is what it is. So we take the day for what it brings and plan for the best outcome possible.

School Life

On another note, after about seven months of giving up on my previous university for dropping me as a student rather than switching me to online like they said they were going to. I finally started looking up accredited universities with 100% online program so I can get my Bachelor Degree. And I think I might have found one that offers Information Technology and Management program, which actually looks like something that I am interesting in. Hopefully I get accepted, but considering I basically had a 4.0 GPA when I was at my old college I’m not too worried about it. But wish me luck anyways because I’m still considered that work and school will interfere with each other again. And I don’t want to have to give up either.

Hopefully your having a great week!


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