12 Days of Christmas

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One thing my Pastor has been teaching this holiday season, is it’s not what’s in the present that matters but how you give the gift. Now I’ve mentioned in my Life Lately post a few days ago that my mom is having a kind of rough year dealing with her job and financial stuff due to my father/her ex-husband. So my sister and I wanted to make the holidays something she could look forward to as she was really bummed out. Even stating at one point that we wouldn’t even be having Christmas because she was too stressed out to do presents. So my sister and I decided we would do a fun 12 days of Christmas by doing a gift count down. Now there are still three days left but my mom’s spirit has been turned out and I find her smiling a lot more then she was at the start of December.

As none of us are home at the same time, we left a little clue on the wall every morning for her to grab. So she gets looks at them every morning and at night when she’s returned from work she has been opening her present then texting us her reaction. Now all we told her was there was a clue and she could open her present for the day, but she decided she wanted to wait all day after reading her clue to try to guess what it is.

I did try to take photos of as much of it as I could, but she’s hidden a bunch of it around the house. Also I didn’t think to take photos of the items before we wrapped them. Just in case I left them up on my computer and my mom came into my room when I wasn’t around.

Day 12: Her favorite treat – Twelve Caramel turtles

“For the mom who gives us the world we wanted to give you the best Christmas. So here are 12 presents to Christmas. Today’s is something sweet for your week.”

Day 11: Her favorite snack – Eleven Assorted nuts

“Sometimes we may drive you nutty but it’s only because we love you so very much.”

Day 10: Ten Golf balls and tees

“It’s never swing and a miss with you. Hope you are enjoying your countdown to Christmas.”

Day 9: Nine CD’s of her favorite kind of music

“The sounds of Christmas are drawing near. Hear them, hear them wherever you go.”

Day 8: Eight pictures to put on our family wall

“Family time is always swell. Time to show off to everyone.”

Just a note on this one, she has been trying to make this family wall of photos for three years and had maybe a grand total of five photos on it very spread out. Every time we get home or comment about photos, she always says she’ll get around to it someday. So we thought we would help her out.

Day 7: Seven soaps and lotions

“For the mom who deserves more than the moon, you deserve to be pampered.”

Day 6: Six baby bath bombs from Lush

“Dawn are the days of sun and shine. Grab a glass and relax.”

The bomb baths that were included were: Bamboo and Green Tea, White Pumpkin, Snowman Balls, Peppermint Frost, Aloe White Lilac, and Eucalyptus Mint.

Day 5: Three adult coloring books with two sets of color pencils

“It’s ok to embrace your inner kid. It’s Christmas time. Enjoy the cheer.”

The ones I got her where: Tropical World, Lost Ocean, and The Calming Coloring Book.

Day 4: Four glass ice cream bowls.

“It may be cold but have yourself a frozen treat.”

We love having ice cream and my mom always complains about not being able to finish a whole bowl or not being able to control her proportions. So we got her bowls to help out with those which are just adorable. 

Day 3: Candle in a Wine Glass and two refill scents.

“Do you smell something nice? The smell of wine and Christmas? I thought so too.”

Day 2: Two photo albums.

“Flip through the ages and enjoy times long past.”

Day 1: One trip to any spa and any service she chooses.

“Can you believe it? It’s Christmas! Time for you to be pampered more than you thought you would this year.”

What are is one of the best gifts you’ve ever given someone and how did you give it to them?

Next year I’m thinking about doing this again, but instead of big presents every day I’ll do little ones every day of December with the big present being on Christmas. And I think I’ll do it for each my mom and my sister as I’ve enjoy doing this so much.

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