ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick – First Impressions

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I have seen many people try these out so I thought I would try them myself. They have been out since June 25, 2015 so they aren’t a new brand by any means. But I’ve only recently gotten really into makeup that wasn’t just “let me find something quickly at a drugstore and not care too much about the outcome.”

Foxy set on the left and Kitty set on the right.

Foxy set on the left and Kitty set on the right.

Anyways, I went to ColourPop’s website and purchased myself both mini kits as well as the shade: Guess. The mini kits which have five shades in each and cost $20.00. The regular lipsticks cost $6.00 for 0.11 oz. This makes me very happy as most lipsticks that are liquid are a lot more expensive then that. Though Pretty Zombie Cosmetics comes in at a similar price with twice the amount in the tube, but has a smaller range of colors. So it really just depends on what shades you are looking for. As a comparison here are some other very popular brands as well as how much product is in the container:

  • Lime Crime, 0.088 oz. ($20)
  • LaSplash Cosmetics, 0.10 oz ($14)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills, 0.11 oz ($20)
  • ColourPop Cosemetics, 0.11 oz ($6)
  • Lic Cosmetics, 0.117 oz ($16)
  • Makeup Monster Cosmetics, 0.152 oz ($13.95)
  • Fyrinnae Cosmetics, 0.169 oz ($12)
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics, 0.22 oz ($19)
  • Kat Von D, 0.22 oz ($19)
  • Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, 0.27 oz ($12)

 I have not tried them before writing/filming this so you could get my first impressions.

The first mini kit that I got was Foxy which comes with the following shades:

Beeper- warm mid-tone taupe
Clueless- dusty mauve pink
Tulle- dusty mauve burgundy
Creeper- true classic blue red
More Better- deep violet wine

The second mini kit that I got was Kitty which comes with the following shades though on the website it was advertised that you would get the shade Glitter which is a rich red-violet tone but instead it came with More Better:

Last Dance – true brick red

More Better – deep violet wine

Be Merry – mid-tone true warm pink

Bianca – soft dusty pink

Times Square- muted pink beige

And the last shade I got was Guess, which is a dark blackened violet shade. That I will most likely only use during Halloween time or when I’m feeling really hipster and have a natural eye look. Or possibly with a gold shimmer look. Either way I think it will get used.

Overall, I’m happy about this collection and will purchase the full size of the mini kits in the future. There are 25 shades in total and I am planning on getting the full collection to add to my lipstick collection. I love wearing matte lipsticks and need more of a variety as I’m currently only routing between five or six shades. And they wear really well. I had to scrub just to change lip colors after filming the YouTube version of this first impression. So hello new lipstick when going out to eat. I don’t have to worry about you disappearing halfway through the night. But I do find that after I drink something, the lipstick does come off a bit. But overall the color stays intact.

I would love to hear if you’ve ever tried this product or what other products I should try as I dive deeper into the makeup and beauty world. So long tomboy years, and hello cute lipsticks.

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