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Favorite Winter Activities

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Fall and Winter are my favorite time of year. Fall has is my favorite as far as weather, but winter is where all my favorite activities are. In Winter, there are two sports or activities that I absolutely love doing. Weirdly enough I’ve been doing them for years but I don’t really have any pictures of me actually doing either of the events. Those are ice skating and snowboarding.

Ice Skating/Hockey

Time we went skating with the Women Minnesotan Golden Gophers, many of whom from that year went to the Olympics for the USA. I'm the one in the army bandanna.

Time we went skating with the Women Minnesotan Golden Gophers, many of whom from that year went to the Olympics for the USA. I’m the one in the army bandanna.

When I was ten until I was about thirteen, I played ice hockey. It was my favorite until everyone was ten times bigger than me and I wasn’t the greatest at snap shots. So I decided to pursue other activities. But I’ve kept my love of skating. I got into hockey due to my neighbor who was best friend growing up as well as my male cousins who all played the sport. I played multiple positions including goalie, right wing, and defenseman. But I loved right wing the best. I do miss playing hockey from time to time but going out to an ice rink with friends and playing or skating eases those feelings. There is nothing quite like getting out and gliding on ice.


I cannot find a single picture of me snowboarding and I’ve been snowboarding since I was fourteen. But I do have a few scenery photos of when I went snowboarding in Montana. Similar to hockey and ice skating, I got into this winter activity because of my neighbor. Since I live in Minnesota, there may be a lot of snow but there are no real slopes to do on. But there are a few that do the trick. However, if you like to go a long way taking in the scenery and not so much the trick parks like myself don’t do snowboarding on a real mountain or you’ll never want to go back. I really hope it snows soon or stays cold enough so I can go snowboarding without it being just ice or slush.

What are your favorite winter activities?


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