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Favorite Childhood Tradition


The final photo taken with Santa Claus.

Every single Santa picture at Bachmann’s.

One of my favorite things when I was growing up was going to Bachman’s every year to see the Christmas display and watch the Christmas performance. They had the same two guys every year from the time we started going there, I believe I was one, until I was sixteen which was also our last year of going to see the performance. But it was one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. And the guy who played Santa by the time I was six knew that all I ever wanted for Christmas was a dog.

My sister and I at Bachman’s near one of the Christmas displays

After the performance we would go around the garden center and look at all the displays, which were completely different every year. We also would get our yearly Christmas ornaments while we were there.

What is your favorite childhood Christmas tradition? Or a tradition you love doing now?

– Mae Polzine

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