Christmas Decorations

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I know I already showed you all my decorations downstairs, but these are all the things I’m loving in my bedroom. Three of the items I made myself, granted one of them is up all year round. They are the white Christmas wreath with glitter baubles, holy, and cupcakes. It is so cute, I just can’t believe I actually made it. I was just going to buy a wreath until I saw a video by Ingrid Nilsen. But she used doilies to make the hers while I used tissue paper. It took a few times to figure out how to make the tissue paper look the way I wanted it to, but once I figured it out I loved it. If you want to see me make it, I’ll post the video below but it is live from my YouTube channel as day six of vlogmas.

The other two items I made are the bauble tower and the ceramics creation of Pixie. Which I made in Door County at Hands on Art.



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