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Just a note before we begin: I was debating on putting this in my reviews blog to be quite honest. But I decided any and all beauty reviews deserved a blog of their own. Mostly just because you can’t talk about beauty without reviewing it.

This product I heard about for at least three months straight while I was driving to and from work and school on the radio. And it peeked my interest. Mainly because I’ve been dying my hair almost every three or four months since the time I was 15. So I’ve roughly had my hair dyed 32 times from either a salon or a box I got at Walmart or Target. Add on straightening and curling my hair, and you get the picture. My hair was fried. I had to cut large amounts off every time I went it just to get rid of all the split ends. And when I decided to stop fighting the beach waves, I started losing a bunch either when combing or washing my hair. To put it plainly, it was bad.

So after leaving the main college scene, I was looking for something to fix this. Anything so I could get back to the long, healthy hair I once upon a time had. After months of hearing about it on the radio, I decided to give it a try myself. So I went onto their website, and found they had the same three bottles but four different cell therapy systems. Each one is for different type of hair.

  1. Balance Cell Therapy System
    • Normal hair type
    • Dry
    • Color Treated
    • Mix of Fine and Dry
  2. Moisture Cell Therapy System
    • Curly hair type
    • Coarse hair type
    • Damaged
    • Processed
    • Natural curl
  3. Volume Cell Therapy System
    • Fine hair type
    • Thin
    • Oily hair type
  4. Legacy Cell Therapy System
    • Normal hair type
    • Prefers sulfates

I read each of the descriptions and selected the Moisture Cell Therapy System as it looked like it would work best with my hair. The bottles in each of these sets are shampoo, ovation cell therapy, and creme rinse. And each system promises the same three things: longer, thicker, stronger hair. This is generally the part where beauty gurus would drive into what the ingredients are, but since every system is slightly different I’m just going to refer you to their website as it’s listed on each of the system’s description.

So after deciding on the system, I went to checkout on their website, for first time purchases there is an introductory discount and they promise a 365 Day 100% money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work for you. The total for me after the introduction discount was $96.49 before tax (varies per state). Which is approximately $32 per bottle. Which is more than a drug store shampoo/conditioner but less than some salon products. Since they offer a 100% money back guarantee I figured it was worth giving it a go.

And let me tell you, my hair loved the stuff. I’m not too sure you can see the difference in the pictures, but those were taken before I started using Ovation Hair and a year after. I could feel the difference after one use. After a few times I saw less hair falling out, less split ends, and my hair was growing healthy. And I didn’t even need to go to a salon to get soft, touchable hair. To say I was impressed was an understatement. I’ve been using the product for a little less than a year and have just purchased my second set. So definitely worth the money if you want to try something to help restore your hair.

Let me know if you guys have ever tried this product before. Or if you know any other products that have done wonders for your hair. I would love to read about them.

– Mae Polzine

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