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Small Town Exploration (Door County)


Hello everybody,

It’s the fifth day in Door County. Though the day began with rain, we still managed to find something to do. Which included driving down the two main County Roads (42 and 57), and stopping in multiple of the small towns to go a shopping.  Some of the places we explored were: Fish Creek, Egg Harbor, and Sturgeon Bay.

Fish Creek

This was probably one of my favorite places to visit as it had more stores to scroll through as compared to the other towns. It had a lot of fun places to go inside of with tons of character and charm to match. Fish Creek is located near the top of the Door County peninsula. We probably also did all of our buying in this town as well, because of its variety. Some of my favorite places to look around are boutiques that have funny cards and quotes. At one of these places I bought a nightgown thay had “Eight Ways To Sleep With A Dog.” And I cannot begin to say how true it was

Egg Harbor

Egg Harbor was a quint little town with a population of 200 people. And features numerous golf courses, galleries, performance arts centers, and restaurants. One of the shops I visited while in Egg Harbor where I found many pieces I loved was called Signature Pieces. Unfortunately I have no room in the car or anywhere to store them until I move out in a year. So it was much to my amazement that they had a website where I could get things down the road.

Sturgeon Bay

This is also the town we are staying in for our week long vacation from the Twin Cities. And is probably the biggest town in Door County as well since it has a population of about 9400. Some of the selection include: restaurants/bars, artist shops, galleries, museums, theater, and state parks. The downtown area had several cute little shops where we ended up purchasing candy and some items for our dog. Since I’ve felt awful about leaving my dog behind for an entire week (the longest I’ve ever left her in two years), I got items we could use when we’re going on bike rides or long runs/walks.

Portable dog water bottle Cooling banana so Pixie doesn’t overheat during long walks

What is some of your favorite things to look for when you visit small towns or on vacations?

– Mae Polzine


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