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Hello everybody,

I don’t think I’ve officially introduced my baby girl, Pixie ‘Bug’, to you here on my blog, though I have mentioned her and included her in several photographs. I’ve had this little one for two years in October. When I got her she was around 8 pounds and now she’s 20 pounds, but looks like she weighs a lot more in photographs. Or so I’ve been told.

We got her following my return to Minnesota, I have always loved dogs and I was heartbroken when my childhood dog passed away two years prior at the age of fifteen. So I was ecstatic to be getting a new dog that was my own. After months of searching for a puppy, I finally found this little one who was in Fairbairn, MN, back then she was known as Susie. It was a lot harder than I thought because foster care facilities in the Twin Cities are very hard to get dogs from as many are gone before you’ve gone through the entire process of paperwork and house visits. But Pixie was different because we just had to drive down to Fairbairn, pay the adoption fee, and then our little pup was ready to come home. Her mom had been abandoned in a boxcar in Tennessee after her previous owners discovered she was pregnant. Now you won’t believe this next part, absolutely no one does and I’ve actually seen her mom. Pixie’s mom is a corgi. I know, hard to believe considering the long legs and slender figure.

This is a representation picture of Pixie's Mother. This is not actually her mother, but looks identical to her mother. This is a representation picture of Pixie’s Mother. This is not actually her mother, but looks identical to her mother.

I stayed up with this little one for three nights straight until I finally decided crate training was not going to work. She has claustrophobia. But that’s not the only thing she’s terrified of. It was just something we couldn’t train her out of, no matter how inviting we made the crate or any tricks for that matter that people suggested. Pixie would not go into the crate without having a full on pain attack. After we stopped trying to push the idea of sleeping in a crate, she was completely content with sleeping with us. But what did we do when we all had to leave the house, we just stuck her in my room with all her toys. She never made a mess or destroyed anything. Potty training was also a breeze that she figured out in less than a week. Still we kept an eye on her since she loves to chew on socks and cloth hanger if they are left within reach. It also didn’t help that the first winter we had her it was so harsh that we couldn’t take her out on walks or exploring. This only led to her becoming a home buddy where everything basically terrified her. That was until we started taking her to doggy day camp where she came out of her shell and realized things weren’t so bad. We also put a bed between on beds and the wall for when it’s storming outside, she finds it to be her little oasis that protects her from the big bad thunder.

But Mae, where did she get her name? You said her name was Susan when you got her. This is true. She was named Susan. But that didn’t really fit her personality as she loves to run around and jump off the flight of stairs when she’s chasing after chipmunks as she believes can go between the front and backyard if she goes to the other door. Plus we loved the quote about the name as well, “If you have a tiny pup who is fast on their feet and almost seems to fly or a flighty dog with a little bit of an attitude then Pixie could be the right name for your pup! Pixie’s can have the personality of Tinkerbell or simply bring a little bit of magic to your life.” And she does have an attitude like she owns the place. But it’s only because she does. The nickname, Bug, came about when she was growing her legs grew faster than the rest of her body or head. So the combination of big dark brown eyes and long legs made her look like a bug. Hence the hilarious nickname that’s stuck with her.

If you ever want to see more of her, let me know in the comments and I’ll do more blog posts.

Mae Polzine

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