Restarting the 90 Day Transformation

Hey everyone,

Now that I'm finally over being sick, it's time to start up my transformation challenge again. Which I feel like I failed, but you can't really help getting sick so I'm going to be restarting the clock and jumping into it again. I'm really bad at fitness, or just going out to exercise. And taking my dog for walks is not going to cut it this time. So I'm going to kick myself into gear with GetKiwi's fitness app. I have not tried this app yet but I'm going to try their free program to test it out. It's available on your mobile and if you want to have a customized training session they have those options available. Unlike other fitness apps, this one uses real trainers not just recorded sessions. Which sounds interesting. Right now they have a deal for 50% off the PLUS and PRO programs with offer code GETKIWI2015.

The PLUS program offers feedback from your trainer weekly and will help adjust the program to your personal needs and routine. The PRO program allows you to pick your own coach and work with them daily to improve your training. Plus it offers 1:1 communication with the trainer. Both programs also offer access to their in-app library of educational and motivational content and nutrition, health and fitness tips.

Let me know if you try it out. Just use this link:

And I'll keep you posted on my progress with my 2nd attempt at the 90 Day Challenge. Hopefully I don't get sick this time.

- Mae Polzine