Random Acts of Kindness

Hello Everybody,

So the other day my company celebrated turning 10 years old. As a teambuilding activity, we participated in Random Acts of Kindness which I knew about through Tumblr as Misha Collins is a huge supporter of this. We split into six teams with six members on each team. My team decided we were going to be "The Makers".  We each had a livestream going on our phones so we could see what the others were doing around Downtown Minneapolis. And it was the most fun I had in while doing nice things for others. I think it meant more because it was for people I didn't know versus volunteering at church. Some of the things that you could do were:

  • Bag groceries for someone.

  • Write positive messages and leave them on: smoking receptors, hybrid cars, gardens, message boards, bathroom stalls, drinking fountains, and more.

  • Donate your hair to locks of love.

  • Buy coffee for the person in line behind you and encourage them to do the same for the person behind them and so on and so forth.

  • Flash mob in a crowded place and ending with a message for others to do random acts of kindness.

  •  Send a co-worker or friend a video that has been ill or feeling down to cheer them up.

  •  Give someone a massage or flowers.

  • Leave money on the ground for others to find.

  • Bus tables for a restaurant. 

  • Give out hugs for charity.

  • Hold the door open for others.

  • Help people across the street.

I unfortunately can't donate my hair to locks of love because it's dyed, but another co-worker did at the hair salon in our building. One day if my hair isn't dyed I would donate to locks of love since the hair is used to create wigs for cancer patients. I haven't had short hair in ages, so that would be a fun change. Another fun thing that happened was almost every team posted a video to one of our co-workers who had to go home before the team building activity due to a double ear infection and bronchitis. So he had four videos telling him to get better. And it was just refreshing to see so many people smile or join in. There is some faith in humanity… it's just hidden at times especially when all you hear from the media is all the wrong that's going on in the world.

- Mae Polzine