Goals Revisited - 90 Day Transformation

Hello everybody,

I hope you had a wonderful October. I know mine was busy but wonderful. I decided to restart the 90 Day Transformation from the beginning as illness pretty much forced me to stop the first time. Now I could've just resumed on the day that I left off, but I didn't think that would be as beneficial so I'm rewinding the countdown back to 90. When I'm writing this I'm on day 21 since I turned the clock back on October 14th. I'm going in it with a clean slate as I know I needed one as I fell back into some habits I was trying to cancel. Plus I had to change the goals as schooling status changed which my school dropped me as a student instead of enrolling me into the online program, causing my school loans to become due way before I had planned so my budget had to be completely reworked. So instead of paying off bills and saving up to move out, all my money that's not for other bills is going to be heading to student loans agency. Which due to the steep amount, means I am going to be on a very restricted budget for some time. Possibly needing to look for a second job just so I'm not stuck at home every night of the week.

One of the bad habits that needs to be addressed is my pop intake. Not that one pop a day or a few a week is a bad thing, but I was drinking 2 or 3 cans a day and that needs to stop. So I've decided just to do a mini-quit where I'm not allowed to drink pop at work. Instead I have to have tea or water. And I'm not a tea person at all, but I hear it's good for you, see my Tea Obsession post to learn about those benefits. So far I've only found a few teas I've actually enjoyed so far which is Argo Tea Hibiscus Tea Sangria and Bai Tanzania Lemonade Tea. It's been two weeks since I called it quits on pop at work and I haven't resorted to pop yet. Though I sometimes still find myself bringing a can to work. The Argo Tea is really good with berries, orange, hibiscus tea, and apple.   And all the ingredients are actual words you can pronounce with no artificial flavors or ingredients. Same thing goes the Bai tea which uses a white tea instead of hibiscus. So that's plus over the Mountain Dew or Red Bull I was drinking, along with it having far fewer calories. 10-50 calories in a bottle rather than 150 calories in one can. Eventually I hope that if I get into a pattern of not drinking pop at work I can carry this over to at home as there are healthier options I could be consuming.

The Goals Revisited

  • No pop or carbonated beverages at work
  • Only allowed healthy snacks if I'm going to snack on anything
  • Brush teeth more often
  • Post two blog posts every week, currently planning those on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But if I post more then it's a bonus.
  • Post gaming videos every weekday with a Throwback game on Thursdays.
  • Post one to two main channel videos every week
  • Work out once a day
  • Stick to a strict budget to pay off student loans as quickly as possible
  • Write one chapter a week in my novel, possibly see about publishing
  • Complete one module a week for certifications
  • Volunteer at least three times a month at either church or elsewhere in the community
  • Sleep decent hours, no more 3.5 - 4 hours of sleep

Now I used to do a photo update every week, but I don't think that one was as beneficial as I had hoped. So instead I'm going to be taking a monthly update photo as they should show any change better than the weekly photo. So look for those in the future.

Wish me luck! Hopefully I don't get sick again this time to the point where I can't complete any goals.

Mae Polzine