22 Facts About Me

Hello everybody,

I've seen a lot of bloggers do this before and thought this would be a lovely personal post to end the week on that's not as emotional as some of the previous ones have been. So here are some facts about me.

  • I find rain insanely relaxing, when I'm working from home or studying I typically am listening to Rainy Mood if it's not already raining outside.
  • I am a really fussy eater. I would rather eat things I know I like, then get something and hate it.
  • At first you might think I'm insanely shy, but if I start acting weird then I 100% consider you a close friend.
  • I cannot stand the taste of cherries.
  • When I was little, I used to go to the airport many weekends to watch planes come and go while I waited for my dad to return from a business trip.
  • I got interested in IT due to my dad. And wanted to be just like him when I grew up, in regards to going into the IT field.
  • I love discovering new places and experiencing new things.
  • I love animals, especially dogs. But if I see a pet of any kind, I will run over and pet it.
  • I get easily obsessed with things like television shows, movies, and songs. And if I get obsessed with something, I can play it on repeat and I do not become tired of it even if it's the thousandth time I've watched or listened to it.
  • I don't really have a favorite color, but if I had to pick I would choose red.
  • My nickname as a child was Squirt.
  • My sleep schedule will easy switch to being nocturnal if I don't pay attention to time.
  • I have never left the United States, but hope to one day go to Europe especially the United Kingdom. 
  • My grandma is my role model and got me interested in anything artist. She also taught me how to be independent and to go after anything I wanted. And she never judged, she would just nod and say just the right thing to get you to realize how wrong you were.
  • I am very close with my family.
  • I have insomnia and bipolar disorder type II.
  • I have seven tattoos and have several more planned. They are all either for family, friends, or related to strength/encouragement.
  • When I was little, I tried every sport I possibly could even though I'm not athletic because I wanted to experience them all. I was in gymnastic, soccer, basketball, golf, and hockey. I would've kept playing hockey if I had been taller or could snap shot. But unfortunately I never could.
  • I am 5'2" tall. And I'm proud of that.
  • My favorite holiday is Halloween. Though I'm not the biggest fan of jumpscares.
  • I am asexual and heteroromantic.
  • I dream about one day getting married on a farm or in a garden.

- Mae Polzine