My Hair Dye History

When I was little, I used to have straight platinum blond hair that started getting darker when I was fourteen. And highlights and low-lights underneath were popular so I decided to dye my hair for the first time. Then continued getting that same look over the course of a year until I stopped dying it for a while. During that time period my hair decided it was no longer going to stay straight, and I wasn't ready to give up straight hair so I was straightening it with a ten dollar straightener from Walmart that always left my hair feeling really burnt. But I was young and dumb so I didn't let that stop me.

I was also into scene hair when I was thirteen to fifteen and wanted to get into that, but my mom would never allow me to do so. So I tried to get as close to that as possible, but I cannot find any photos from that time period or of every time I dyed my hair. As I'm estimating that would be around 25 times over the past eight years.

Last few years of the platinum blonde hair, believe this was somewhere between 2005 and 2007.

Hair started to get darker in 2008.

When I turned sixteen, I decided overall I no longer wanted platinum blond hair and got a hair dye set and started dying it several shades darker until it was a brunette by the time I was seventeen. Then I got the color removed as my hair felt dead by that point. So I returned to a warm blond hair for about a year. During that same time period, I gave up the struggle of trying to keep straight hair and settled for my newly natural beach wave which I still have to this day.

Red koolaid dying in early 2011.

Start of the red/dark colors in 2012.

Then college rolled around and I started dying sections of my hair with red koolaid. Which later just lead to many variations of red hair colors that I did myself with hair dye kits from Walmart. And many of them did not turn out well so I re-dyed my hair a week or so afterwards. A few times my mom would make me go into the salon when I was home for a break to have it dyed professionally to fix as much damage as possible.

Ombre in early 2015.

Most recent hair dye treatment. Also cut off seven inches worth of hair.

Then I turned twenty, and I got a full time job so I decided I was no longer going to be going to box kits from Walmart for fun hair colors... which were always just various shades of brunette or red. And recently I have done ombre and balayage. As I've been going through many hair lightening treatments later to go from a dark, dark red hair to somewhat of a more blonde color like I used to have. I'm also hoping to at some point put in some fashion colors. But since switching from box kits to getting it professionally done and using Ovation Cell Therapy Hair Treatment, my hair has gotten a lot healthier, thicker, and longer.

Did you ever do anything to your hair you look back on and cringe about? Or any colors you would love to do?