Christmas Books of Years Past

I think everyone has a set of books they've kept since they were a child of all the books they would read at Christmas. Or at least I do. We have a whole collection of them granted I've grown out of them, I still like to flip back through the pages to remember years long past and the memories I've left behind. Some of my favorites were:


Santa Paws by Nicholas Edwards. Not to be confused with the Disney movie Santa paws, which was the prequel to the spin-off from Air Buddies series that I loved as a child. This is a story about a German Shepherd mix that rescues those in need. I first read this series with my mom when I was about six years old and we had just gotten ourselves a German Shepherd mix named Sadie. So I liked to sit with my puppy and read the stories pretending that she was Santa Paws. These were my favorite Christmas stories growing up.

The Jolly Christmas Postman by Allan Ahlberg. A popup story book of a postman that delivers holiday letters and gifts to famous characters such as: Mr. H. Dumpty, Gingerbread Boy, and Mister Wolf from the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. It was filled of puzzles and illustrations that I still love look back at after all these years.

What were some of your favorite Christmas books growing up? And which ones do you still find yourself holding onto for memory sake long after you stopped reading them on an annual basis?