Summer of 5K races

This summer, I decided to embark on a new journey towards healthier living. As a goal, I decided that I would run a 5k race. It started out I was just going to do one in June with a bunch of friends from college, but it quickly evolved into one every month this summer (June, July, and August). Each with their own twists. As a secondary goal, I decided that every run had to be better than the last. This is not an easy fate as I have not gone running or truly exercised since I was a Sophomore in High School back in 2008 when we were required to run 30 minutes. Unless you count snowboarding the equivalent in exercise as running.

I wasn't going to let that stop me though so I decided to do some research to prepare myself for the first 5k that's happening on June 5th (Electric Run). I ended up going for the novice training program from Hal Higdon as depicted below. So far so good, but I still have a long ways to go before I'm ready for any of my runs.

So the three races that I'm planning on participating in this summer are the following:

  1. Electric Run (June 5th) - Race was cancelled by venue.
  2. Color Run (July 12th)
  3. Mudman (August 15th) - Will no longer be able to attend

Info for each event can be found on the calendar below. Just go to the date of the race on the calendar to see more information (please note, my other event items are also shown below).