Beginning the 90 Day Transformation

Now a few weeks ago or maybe even a month ago, I decided to change my eating habits, not because I want to lose weight but because I want to become healthier. And because one of the things I want to do in order to help become the best version of myself is to eat better and workout, there is most likely going to be a body transformation as well. It's not the end goal, but just something nice that might come out of this. In line with that I decided to take on a 90 day transformation where I'm going to aim at the following goals every day.

  • Workout every morning before work. 
  • Eat breakfast every day. 
  • Take my dog, Pixie,  either on a walk, run, or to the dog park every day. 
  • Bring lunch everyday, no more buying food from food courts. 
  • Absolutely no caffeine or sugar beverages. 
  • Complete homework right away when getting home from work. 
  • Post a YouTube video every day on either my main channel or my gaming channel. 
  • Daily vlog one highlight from my day, then post in all the weeks vlogs together in on my main YouTube channel. 
  • No extra spending,  only items on the budget so we have money for a down payment on a place. 

As part of the 90 Day Transformation, I'm going to post a weekly post and picture to show how things are coming along. Now the official start is going to be when I return from vacation, but that's not me procrastinating this challenge. It's more just being realistic about the whole thing.

Wish me luck friends. Also let me know if you've ever done anything similar.

- Mae Polzine