End of Week One: 90 Day Transformation

Hello everybody,

Today marks the end of the first week of the 90 Day Transformation. A challenge I set for myself to become healthier in my eating, fitness, and overall well-being/misc. lifestyle. 


Since my NatureBox arrived in the mail, I've been looking forward to the healthy alternative snacks that I could bring with me to work. This week I've been in love with two of the items I received: strawberry lemonade fruit stars and honey macadamia pretzel pops. I've also been bringing lunch with me every day to work, but I definitely learned I need to also start purchasing better foods that I can take to go as well as prepare something in advance. So that's the goal of next week.

I also had a goal of eating breakfast, so far this has consisted of snacking on NatureBox items or protein bars. Not sure if that honestly counts as breakfast, but I'm at least putting something healthy into my body in the morning rather than waiting until around noon to eat my first item for the day. So that's at least a start towards better living.


This week I challenged myself in a 7-day Just Sweat Challenge through the fitness feature within Just Dance. They had multiple different challenges that you could do through the course of the week that are equivalent to 30-minutes of either walking, running, or swimming. I choose the one that was equivalent to 30 minutes worth of swimming or the most intense one available. The main reason for this is that I'm also on-call for work this week, so I didn't want to drag a backpack with a laptop, Verizon Air Card, and cell phone around with me on runs, bike rides, or workouts at a gym. Dancing seemed like the fun alternative.


I had some goals that I couldn’t necessarily put under a specific name so they're going under this one. These items include: dental hygiene, YouTube, budget, and homework.

For dental hygiene, I got into a terrible habit at college of only brushing in the morning and completely forgetting to brush my teeth before I go to bed. I know it's horrible. And that habit so far in the challenge is proving to be the hardest as I'm still not used to it. To help myself remember, I've set an alarm on my phone to remind me to brush my teeth. Another thing I really need to do is go to the dentist as I can't honestly remember when I last went. Not because I hate the dentist or I'm terrified of it. My dentist's hours of availability are the exact same time as I work. And I haven't managed to get time off work to go in, so I'm going to go on a search for a new dentist that will work a little better with my hectic schedule. I.E. going on the weekends which my dentist doesn't provide unless there's an absolute emergency. And I wouldn't call a few cavities (my first ones ever) and a dead tooth that doesn't bother me an emergency. And by dead tooth, a wisdom tooth that my dentist pointed out needed to be removed last time I saw him but he didn't want to schedule anything at the time to deal with it. Much like removing my permanent retainer on the bottom set of my teeth that has been there since I had my braces removed seven years ago. I've also been using teeth whitening tooth paste in an attempt to remove the stains.

For YouTube, this week I managed to post two main channel videos (Bottle Raise Challenge and Summer 2015 Favorites) and one video on my gaming channel (Life is Strange Episode 2). I was also going to have the third one done but my computer crashed in the middle of playing the game due to my computer overheating from the high utilization of recording and processing the game. But I'm hoping that a purchase of a cooling fan will help resolve this problem until I can replace my laptop with a real gaming desktop.

For budget, I've done great this week on it. Then again the only things I purchased were NatureBox for healthy snack alternatives and signed up for fabletics by Kate Hudson for workout clothes that aren't old college shirts and soccer shorts I've had since the first grade. Which sounds really sad considering my old soccer shorts still fit me somehow and I weighed maybe 60 pounds back then and was about four feet tall, though I don't remember my actual height or weight. Still that considerably different from five feet two inches and 127 pounds. Other than that I've only used my paycheck for bills.

And lastly for homework, I've had none since the summer quarter has ended. But I do need to work with my college to get fully enrolled in the online program as they still have me signed up for being a residence student. So I have two weeks until the fall quarter begins to get that all sorted out.

Photo Update

Day One - 127 Pounds

End of Week One - 125 Pounds

As always thank you to all the support and encouragement.

Mae Polzine