My Kate Moss by Rimmel London Lipstick Collection

Hey everybody,

This has to be my all time favorite lipstick for the color and how long it lasts. So to say this is almost half of my entire lipstick collection would be an understatement. Another truth, I have forty percent of the lipsticks in this collection and I'm still planning on buying more of them because I love them that much. There is definitely certain events where I wear some colors more then others as well as during which season. But this collection is really nice because it's available at many drugstores.

Now before I start showing off my collection, I just wanted to note I only started using them this summer so I definitely was in a pink or nude feel this season. But I am going to be a little more brave and get some of the other fun colors in the months to come. This being purples and oranges. I think they would look super cute and I love seeing them on others. So I'm going to give it a shot, though I might have to adventure outside of the Kate Ross collection to do so.

No. 107 in the Lasting Finish was the very first lipstick I got in the collection. I have had numerous people come up to me and ask what this color is. I tend to wear this if I'm going out for the night or feel rather vintage. As it gives me the 1920's movie star look especially with my hair pulled over to one side with curls.

No. 14 is my go-to nude if I want a more tan tone. On me, it's the same color as my lips so I like to put this one on just to feel like I didn't skip a step when applying my makeup. And gives my lips a little bit of a shimmer.

No. 17 is the other nude color from the collection that I love. Unlike No. 14, it has a pink tone to it. So it goes wonderfully with nude makeup that I commonly wear to work. Since I want to wear something nice and simple most days.

No. 28 is my go-to summer lipstick because it reminds me of everything light and warm. It's a pink lipstick that goes with apricot or peach/beige eyeshadow. So if you're looking for a playful look this is definitely something to consider.

No. 05 is the hot pink twin of No. 28. This is better for the more bold summer looks.

No. 30 is my red wine lipstick. And one I wear pretty much only in the autumn or winter. It also goes great with heavy and natural eye makeup. That gives a classic yet modern look.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite lipstick is or any you would recommend!

- Mae Polzine