Now it is no secret that I have several tattoos. I have seven currently if you count each pattern as one. Many people get tattoos because of the design or they think it will look cool. My tattoos however all had stories or meanings to them.

Almost all my tattoos were done at Saint Sabrina's in Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, or at Tattoo Alley in Bozeman, Montana.

The tattoos on my wrists were my first and third tattoos. I got them when I was eighteen and was severely struggling with self-harm. I got these as words of encouragement to stop cutting and they worked. Now they cover the scars and remind me that I'm stronger than my mental disorder.

The cross behind my right ear was my second tattoo. I got this one because I love God and he basically helped save my life. So this is a mark showing my devotion to him as well as to remind myself to be careful what I let myself listen to, because words play psychology games that can lead to unpleasant endings.

The rose behind my left ear, was my fourth tattoo. It's for all the people I've lost in my life. They meant a lot to me and I miss them dearly. The rose is also for my sorority Alpha Omicron Pi as it taught me how to be a leader and a better person overall. This is one of my sorority's symbols and I miss my sisters dearly.

The fifth tattoo I got was this military chevron on my right ankle. I got it in honor of my Grandfather who was hero growing up before he passed away from Alzheimer's. The W represents my mom's side of the family that I'm insanely close to. The Y is for my own last name, Young. And the H is for my godmother and aunt.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these sunken eyes and learn to see. All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free.
— Blackbird by The Beatles

The feather was the sixth addition to my tattoo collection, it is located on my left shoulder blade. I got this after being self-harm free for two years and they are the lyrics to the Beatles's song "Blackbird." This song just represented everything that I felt about being self-harm free for two years and the progress I have made in my journal with Bipolar Disorder. You have to take every day one at a time and learn to get back up and fly when things get tough. The backdrop color for the feather has faded, this is just the only good photo I have and it was from right after I got it from Tattoo Alley in Bozeman, Montana.

The newest and seventh addition to my tattoo collection, and most likely not my last as I have two more designs in mind. I got these hummingbirds on my right collar bone days after my Grandmother passed away. She was my inspiration and role model throughout my entire life and helped me through many challenges in my life. She thought me to be brave, thought me how to draw, and encouraged me in everything I attempted to do in life. She loved hummingbirds. I had been considering getting some type of bird there for quite some time but it wasn't until my Grandmother passed away that I decided on the hummingbirds. This is also the first and only tattoo I have with color.