Last 10 photos on my phone

Hello everybody,

We all love to take photos on put cellphones. Hell they've basically replaced the need of a separate camera unless you want to have a several hundred dollar camera. Yes I'm one of those people as well, but most of the time my phone is the first thing I reach for. So I thought I Would share the last 10 photos saved on my cellphone.

A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know
— Diane Arbus

The wolves is a possible tattoo design my college best friend and I are debating on getting. I know I want more tattoos and this one of my favorite animal might just join the collection. But we shall see. The tattoo for me would be on my ankle though.


Picture of my dog after I picked her up from the vet. She loves sleeping in the back during car rides.

Mistletoe house in Door County, Wisconsin. And yes year round it's fully decorated like it's Christmas.

Interesting sculpture at the Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Door County, Wisconsin. 

View of the marina outside of the cottage we stayed at in Door County.

Another sculpture at the Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Door County, Wisconsin.


Lake Michigan is freezing!


My sister and I at Washington Island on Schoolhouse Beach.


Color Run photo with my sister. This was our first ever 5k run. Both together and individually.

What are some of the last photos you took or saved onto your phone? 

- Mae Polzine