Feeling Poorly during 90DT, Week 3

Hello everybody,

Woke up Monday morning with a horrible cold that felt me dizzy and coughing like crazy. This pretty much killed working out this week, but didn't stop me from taking Pixie for a walk or to the dog park. But is messing with my sleep and concentration. Mainly because I couldn't put my contacts in this week either, and my depth perception is messed up when I'm wearing my glasses strangely enough. So going to be getting lasik eye surgery some day, because I hate the days when I can't wear my contacts because of my eyes being irritated.


This went well as far as not eating out all week, but didn't go with the best food choices since I ate leftover pizza and quesadillas almost every day for lunch. But I did cut out unhealthy snacking completely thanks to the help of NatureBox. These healthy alternatives are perfect and I find myself reaching for them over junk food items like donuts, chips, and cookies like I used to.


So not that this has already been taken out of my bank account, but I'm considering as blowing my budget for the entire month of September and possibly even October. I used to always say sneezing would be the death of me. Well that and a car attempting to take over the lane while my car is still in it's away. And you can image what happened. I sped up slightly and tried to quickly get over a lane (which would be the shoulder as I was in the right hand lane on the way to the exit of I-94 W) in bumper to bumper traffic. But since it was bumper to bumper traffic this lead to the guy in front of me slamming on his brakes. I slammed on my brakes as well but that didn't prevent my license plate from scratching the guys new company car. Which means I'll have to pay for it, and I'm going to do so out of point so it doesn't raise my insurance rates. I know that's what my sister did when she was first learning to drive, and it's my first "incident" so I'm  hoping I can do the same. But that means I'll have to pay of possibly a new bumper as well as fixing my front license plate since it's not attached anymore to my car on the top.  Doesn't help that the end of the month is when all my expensive bills are due either. Including rent, student loans, insurance, and car payments times two since I'm still paying off my old car that I no longer have.


While budget may have gone out of the water due to that, my YouTube account has been going really well. I used to have to do ads in order to get views on my videos. But after posting a Bottle Raise Challenge, I have gone from 30 subscribers to 62. Which I am so thankful for. I didn't think I would ever get that many subscribers after creating my account back in May 2015. As I used to love making YouTube videos with my best friend before we had a falling out at the beginning of high school. I know my subscribers love when I post challenge videos which is way I'm creating a whole month of #ChallengeMae. I was going to just do one every week but I thought making a whole month of it in October would be more fun. Plus I can do Halloween themed challenges. So I'm really looking forward to that.

Since there are still two weeks until October, I'm going to be posting some reaction videos to my old videos from my first ever YouTube channel. These videos are not live anymore because I seriously cringe. And I've only ever gone back to watch one of them and I only made it not even a minute. So I thought that would be a fun, humiliating way to end the month.

Photo Update

So last week when I said I weighed in at 123.5, I don't think my scale was being accurate because the following morning it said I was 125. Which has stayed the same for the rest of the week. But in fashion of the 90 Day Transformation, here is the starting photo of the challenge and the newest photograph.

Until next week for another update. I love you and thank you everyone for all the support!

- Mae Polzine