Maurice's Autumn Haul

Hello Everybody,

With the turn of the season, I found myself staring into my closet completely unsure of what to wear for the season to work. Since I live in Minnesota, autumn can either be unusually hot meaning it's around 70 degrees and you can get away with short sleeves. Or it's absolutely freezing and you're putting on more layers. Which I don't mind at all because I love layering my outfits. Sure I had slacks and 3 blazers that go with practically everything, but I was at a loss of things I wanted to wear that weren't the same thing every day. So I found myself going online to a store I absolutely love shopping at because I always find items I want in my wardrobe. Add on that it has reasonable prices and good quality material, and my credit card is screaming for me to purchase something. Now I've been trying to live on a more restrict budget, so I couldn't go all out and by myself an autumn wardrobe. But I'm sure I easily could've. Plus there were a few items at other stores I put in my wish list for down the road. But these are some of the items that I purchased from Maurice's. The other items I'm pairing them with are also from Maurice's unless otherwise stated. Since pretty much my entire wardrobe is from Maurice's or Forever 21.

A deep cranberry top with almost tribal, chevron prints that will go perfect with black or tan slacks for my semi-casual look. Or I can pair them with a nice pair of jeans and my brown knee high boots, and possibly even my pair of red leg warmers from DSW Shoes.

A black cardigan that I can put over some of my solid colored short sleeved tops that I bought over the summer months that I just love wearing to wear since they always look semi-casual. And when I mean I love wearing them, I literally mean I wore them almost three times a week since I bought the same style in about seven different colors when I went on a major haul at the beginning of summer. Another way that this can be wore is with a cream, tan, and black tribal/ethnic skirt that would look great with my deep burgundy blazer and white knit scarf. For some reason, I don't like wearing my work skirts during the summer but rather in the fall with a good pair of leggings, boots, and leg warmers. Maybe because they are a heavier material or I just love wearing them with layers. So this tribal/ethnic skirt is a wonderful addition to my collection plus it's the current pattern I've been obsessed with. And by obsessed with I completely redesigned my website and all the header images on all my social media outlets to have this pattern.

A black textured dress with a peek-a-boo front that I thought would look nice for nice evenings out with the girls or I could pair it with any one of my blazers and scarfs to look cute and professional at work. Pair that with my Kate Moss no. 107 lipstick and I'm in heaven. On top of that I'm wearing a black cardigan with tribal print on the front in cream and red with buttons that I can either wear around the house to feel comfortable, or to work for days were I want to dress casual. Luckily there is no set dress code at my office so I can wear anything from causal to formal if I really want to.

What are some things you're wearing this season? I know I'm going to wearing a lot of beanies, blazers, scarfs, and cardigans. Along with my knee high boots that I have missed over this summer season.

- Mae Polzine