Hello everybody,

You know how much I love monthly subscriptions. I mean I think I'm at four monthly subscription type things right now: BarkBox, GlossyBox, NatureBox, and now Fabletics. This is Kate Hudson's athletic fashion line. Now you don't need to sign up for the monthly subscription by any means as you can just purchase the outfits at a higher cost whenever you want. But the VIP price is very nice and makes it a bit more affordable if you are living on a budget like I am.

Now it is a monthly subscription, so you have to purchase an outfit every month. And they are up to 40% off retail prices, include free shipping, and earn you VIP points to spend on future purchases. If you don't then are charged for not using the perk, which is $49.95. But there is an option to skip a month if you choose not to get anything, just make sure you sign into your account by the 5th and select the option to "Skip the Month." Now skipping a month doesn't mean you have to purchase something the next month, you can skip as many times as you want without any consequences.

Now inseams scared me at first because some of the outfits have open backs and I didn't want to go find a new bra that looked good with that outfit. But surprisingly for me, the inseams had a lot of support where I didn't need a separate sports bra while I was working out. Now I do know others who use this have to have a separate sports bra. To each their own. One boob is not like the other. So what works for me, doesn't mean it works for you. But overall, I just love this clothing line for my athletic wear and plan on purchasing a lot more so I can make many different outfit combinations. Especially now that I'm doing a 90 Day Transformation and am exercising daily, whereas, in the past it was maybe once every few months.

To get started you select "Get Started" tab. Then you take a style quiz so they can better recommend outfit combinations that you would like. Here are some of the questions that you can get asked:

  • Are you a man or woman?
  • What's your favorite way to sweat?
  • Where do you love to get fit?
  • What colors get you groovin'?
  • Which best mirrors your body type?
  • I absolutely love showing off my _?

After the style proportion it asks you what your size is and a few optional questions as well. Now the size chart can be a little bit confusing since they don't use the normal size numbers. Then again girls are used to that since nothing ever seems to use the same number schema. To help you out here is their size guide for reference.

If you want to sign up for the VIP membership the first outfit is $25. Let me know what you love wearing when you work out. I would love to hear about it.

- Mae Polzine