Makeup Storage 2015

Hello everybody,

Disclaimer: My makeup collection is not a recommendation on the amount of how much makeup you should have, more as just a showcase of what I own. I have no idea what an average person has for their makeup collection. This is just typically what I have in my makeup collection and how I store it.

My makeup like many others sits on top of my dresser in a three drawer container with a makeup mirror, jewelry box, and two containers on top that display my makeup brushes. I break my makeup down into three main categories as I have three drawers to store them in.

Top Drawer: Face Products

This drawer is filled with my foundations, concealers, bronzers, contour palettes, blushes, moisturizers, and primers. As these are the first things that I put on I have them top as it's the first thing I go for in the morning when getting ready for the day.

Middle Drawer: Eye Products

The next drawer down contains anything that goes on my eyes. This includes: eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner, mascara, mascara primer, eyeshadow primer, and eye brow pencil.

Bottom Drawer: Lips and Nails

As I only have one drawer left, it's split in half. On the left side is all of my lipsticks, glosses, and stains. While on the right side is all of my nail polishes. Now I don't currently have a divider so the two are often a little mixed together but I'm generally pretty good at preventing this from happening.

On top of the Drawers: Brushes, Jewelry, and Mirror

To help save space on my dresser, I have all my brushes, jewelry, and magnifying mirror on the top of my makeup storage unit. Though the mirror sometimes disappears to other places in my house as I often forget to put it back in its home location.

Brushes are separated into two different containers. One for eye brushes and the other for face brushes. Though same of the eye brushes are rather large and I sometimes use them for contouring, I tend to leave them with the smaller brushes just for the consistency in size.

My jewelry box contains all my rings, earrings, and nose piercings. I got the mirrored jewelry box with black roses at a boutique in The Fountains of Maple Grove called Charming Charlies. It has a ring holder on the right side and a big open area in the center where I can slash all my earrings and nose piercings. For those I don't have a good method at the moment to separate my nose piercings from my earrings, which can make it rather difficult at times to find where the nose piercings are hiding amongst the regular sized earrings. I also need to seriously get rid of a bunch of my earrings as well as I unfortunately cannot wear them due to a nickel allergy that I seemed to re-developed. I only say it that way it is does disappear from time to time for about a year or two.

The magnifying mirror that I also leave on my make storage case is perfect when I'm trying to do cat eyes or want a closer look when I'm doing my eyeshadow. Plus I love that it's portable in case I'm doing makeup somewhere else that isn't at my dresser.

- Mae Polzine