Stitch Fix Review

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I need to cut back on monthly subscriptions, yet I keep signing up for them. Anyways… I decided I needed to try some new types of clothing and styles so I signed up for Stitch Fix. For $20 a month, they will pick out outfits for you to try then send you clothes. You try them on and decide if you want to buy them. With each outfit, they send a style guide.

There were five items sent in this box: a blazer, a jean, a dress, a shirt, and a blanket scarf. You get three days after delivery to make decisions on everything that’s sent to you. Then you go online and purchase the items you are keeping and send the rest of the items back in the prepaid mailing bag they provide. For this box, the shirt and jeans were too short so I had to send them back. Though I did like them if they had fit.

I love this dress, especially because it has feathers. I have a strange obsession with feathers/birds ever since I was eighteen. So much so I have a feather tattoo with song lyrics on my shoulder and hummingbirds on my collarbone. So this dress is for sure joining my wardrobe. Plus it can be worn anytime of the year all depending on how you style it.

The last item that I’m keeping from the box is this striped blazer as it’s perfect for work. Unfortunately my lights broke when I tried taking a picture of this one so I don’t have any good pictures of it when it’s on.

Unfortunately since I’m living on a budget, I don’t think I’m going to do this another month because even selecting the cheapest option rings out to be about $300 with the $20 monthly service fee. Yes the outfits are very nice quality and you get to try something new but it’s just out my budget. And I can find things just as nice at other online locations for half if not a quarter of the price.

Have you ever tried a monthly clothing subscription similar to Stitch Fix or this subscription? I would love to hear about it.

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