Cleaning Makeup Brushes with Baby Oil

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I am really bad at cleaning my makeup brushes. I will be completely honest, I have not cleaned my brushes in about five or six months. And I use them regularly. But enough is enough, so I decided I was going to clean them. Only I don’t have makeup brush cleaner so I decided I would use baby oil which actually was not the worst idea in the world. As my brushes got clean and looked a lot better afterwards.

Just as a side note, it took about an hour to get through all my brushes so plan for the time when you are going to be available for whatever length of time to deep clean your brushes. Also they have to dry afterwards, so don’t plan on using them directly after wards.

All your need is:

  • Baby oil
  • Dirty makeup brushes
  • Clean towel
  • Running lukewarm water.

1. Place a few drops of baby oil into the palm of your hand. Then swish your makeup brush into the baby oil.

2. Rinse in warm or lukewarm water.

3. Gently press the brush to ensure all the makeup and residue is out of the brush.

4. Lay brushes flat to dry.

Do not dry them laying up or the glue holding the bristles together will come apart. And do not dry them upside down or the brushes will lose their shape.

The same steps can be done for beauty blenders but they will require more work in the baby oil in order to get them fully clean.

What do you use to clean your brushes or any tips you can think of to help others out? I would love to hear about them. Especially as I’m still learning about this myself. But for the first real deep clean, I think it went pretty well.

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