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Favorite Photo Editing Software/Apps

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Original Photo of ceramic Pixie Bug.

Original Photo of ceramic Pixie Bug.

I use one of three programs when I’m editing my photos: PicMonkey, ColorStory, and Photoshop. To show the differences between each I’m using this same photo and showing you the results I get out of each of them with the filters that I applied.

PicMonkey is perfect when I’m making thumbnails for YouTube videos or blog posts. I do pay for Premium but you do not need it in order to use the website’s photo editing software. You just get more features which has most stickers and fonts that I enjoy using with my thumbnails. The main filters I use in this program are: Orton using 47% Bloom, 61% Brightness, and 60% Fade. But some of my other favorite filters that I use depending on the photo are Urbane, Tranquil, and Cross Process.

I just discovered this one. It’s a phone application that some bloggers developed together. They have many different filters and effects, and I’ll probably purchase some more in the future but right now I just use the preset ones and still get amazing results. These are the main filters I use: 50% of Pop, 50% Lite Bright, and 75% Ice Ice. Depending on the picture I may use the full filter or put it down to 50%.

I am not the best when it comes to photoshop. But I will use this one if I’m combining multiple images into one. This I use more for headers on the blog. But I am trying to learn other tools in it. If I’m using this application, I adjusted the brightness and increased the contrast as well as switched levels a little bit. 

What software do you use to edit your photographs?


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