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Tanya Burr Lip Gloss First Impressions and Swatches


I decided recently to step out of my purely lipstick stage and get myself some lip glosses as sometimes I just don’t want to hassle with lipstick. I’ve been watching Tanya Burr for years and every YouTuber always rave about her lip glosses so I thought I might as well give them a go. So I purchased these for myself which were $8.67 each and they were having a special of get 3 for the price of 2 on Feel Unique’s website. So I went a little hog wild, and purchased every shade they had available which ended up to be around $60. They have two different shade styles: crème and shimmer.

These are the redesigned tubes which are clear like the originals but have a gold top instead of black. Which makes it super easy to identify each shade. The applicator for each of these is doe-foot so they are easy to apply. If smell matters to you, they smell fruity. I honestly never care about what they smell like unless it’s too overpowering. Which these are not. The gloss itself is very hydrating and make my lips feel really nice.

The shades that were available on Feel Unique, I swatched them all together on my arm so they may be different for you based on your skin tone:

Overall, I’m very pleased with these lip glosses. Hopefully she’ll add more shades in the future like oranges and purples. But when I think of Tanya Burr I do think of these shade colors. Plus I needed neutral tones as the almost of red and dark lipsticks I have makes for more natural look days a bit of a challenge.

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