Until Dawn: True Monster of the Game

Until Dawn is a teenage horror video game on PlayStation. Where your decisions effect how the characters feel about each other and if they live or die. And there are two plots playing out during the chapters of Until Dawn. One of the psycho and the other being the Wendigos. And you can argue who the monster or villain of the game is. But it’s quite complicated when you go through the game. Yes, the wendigos are the villain but it’s not the real monster of the video game.

The real monster of this game is mental illness, which presents itself in Josh. You don’t learn this right away but throughout the first few chapters it comes about. Through items you find running away from the psycho to the therapy sessions in between chapters. Josh has schizophrenia since he was 11 years old. But doctors have been misdiagnosing him and giving him the incorrect medication for this disorder. Giving him a variety of depression medication that ultimately only increase his feelings of paranoia and isolation. In the later chapter, he is dragged away by the wendigo and while alone he hallucinates both auditory and visually of the psycho, Beth, and Hannah.

Not that is excuses his actions throughout the game, but it does make you feel horrible for him. And gives him some justification for everything that he did as the psycho.

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