Things to do on Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

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Image from PCWorld

Image from PCWorld

If you’re anything like me, February becomes the month where:

  1. All your Facebook friends are posting pictures of their significant others.
  2. All your Facebook friends are getting engaged.
  3. The sudden realization that you’re spending another Valentine’s day solo.

And I normally don’t make a fuse about Valentine’s day. I have had plenty of them solo, but this year it just seems to be hitting a little harder. Maybe it’s because of all the engagements of my sorority sisters and friends. Plus who honestly wants to go to a bar to be hit on by guys or girls that are just thirsty for a one night stand? And I’m not into that. So what is something you can do on Valentine’s day to turn it from the sad existence of Single’s Awareness Day into the bubbly holiday it is while still being single?

Treat Yourself to Something Special

This can be anything from a day at the spa to buying something nice off your wishlist. A massage is perfect for working out the tension and stress you’ve built up throughout the course of the month leading up to this day. A makeover gives you a fresh look and helps increase your confidence. You can go see that movie you’ve been dying to see. Anything you want without fear of another person commenting against it. It’s your day! Pamper thyself!

Throw a Party With all your Single Friends

Image from Anders Ruff

Image from Anders Ruff

Why be alone if you’re feeling Valentine’s blue? Get a group of friends together and have a great time doing whatever. You could do a gift exchange similar to Secret Santa or get all dolled up for a night out at all your favorite places. Or try some place new. You’ll be a lot happier then sitting alone in your room with ice cream watching sappy Netflix chick flicks where you pity you’re life… not that’s what you’re doing. But you get the point. Or you could all do that together and end up laughing at all the ridiculous things you come up with during the movies. 

Figure out What you Want out of Love

You don’t typically just date to date. You’re dating because you want something out of it. All relationships end in one of two ways: heartbreak or happily ever after. And you don’t go into a relationship going after option A, you want option B. So figure out what you want in a relationship and life, then go look for that. You might not want anything for ten years or whatever but the clarity of knowing what you want will help you get through the holiday.

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