Favorites Places to Eat Out in Downtown Minneapolis

As I work downtown there are a lot of places I go out to eat at. Or rather get food to eat then bring it back to my desk to eat. And I am very much a creature of habit so I generally end up getting the same thing no matter where I go and end up at the same places. Regardless if I decided to be adventurous when I sent out.


This place is one of my favorites. Whenever I go I end up getting either flat bread pepperoni pizza or baked macaroni and cheese. I especially love that you can order food online and then go pick it up, because every time I go to lunch it happens to be everyone else’s lunch break downtown so lines are ridiculously long. To the point they take up my entire hour break. So if there’s an option to order online, I’m all for it.

My Burger

This is my go-to Monday lunch place if I’m going out for lunch. I either go for a cheeseburger or a crispy chicken burger with Swiss cheese. Plus the fries are so delicious. But you have to make sure you don’t go during the big lunch rush or it takes forever.

Walking Dog

When I’m in the mood for a hot dog, I head to this place in the skyways. Which are absolutely heaven on some days. I generally don’t put a lot on my hot dogs besides some ketchup and mustard.

Sandwich Shops

I’m combining these mainly because I get the same thing at each place, which is a turkey sandwich with tomato, mayo, and lettuce. Depending on the place I might get salt & pepper or avocado or bacon. The places I generally end up at are: Subway, Potbelly, and Erberts & Gerberts.

What are your favorite places to enjoy lunch?


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