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North Padre Island & Corpus Christi, Texas

Today I was reflecting back on previous vacations I took. In 2008, my family went to North Padre Island/Corpus Christi, Texas. My sister and I did not know we were staying on the island but rather the next city over. So that was a bit of a surprise when we crossed over to the island after arriving and pulling up to a hotel on the beach.

One of my favorite things we did on the vacation was either:¬†spending the entire time on the beach either by taking walks, riding horses, or building sandcastles since it was too much of a current to actually go swimming; or going to see the U.S.S Lexington. Which was an aircraft carrier during World War Ii that was nicknamed “The Blue Ghost”. I’m a bit of a history buff so this was a lot of fun to go explore. My dad also got to see one of his favorite planes in person, the Blue Angels. And I got to pretend to be manning one of the guns.

I definitely would love to go back some time to Texas to explore other areas as there is so much more to see.


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