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How I Started Using a Pseudonym/Pen Name? And Where the Name Came From.

For years, I had blogged on Tumblr under my real name then slowly shifted away from using that name until I started using Mae Polzine. At first it was just the last name as the username and soon it was the full name. I had came up with the name many years before but never used it. To be 100% honest, it came about when I was on Gaia in Junior High School and very into Twilight. So I was in a few roleplay groups, where I was even promoted to a moderator. And one of the topics was coming up with your Twilight name. Yes, Mae Polzine was born out of Twilight in a way. The goal was to create a name based off your father’s mother’s middle name and your mother’s mother’s maiden name. So was born the name in a way. I may not care for Twilight anymore and find ten times more enjoyment out of making fun of it. But it will always be the origin of how I came up with the name.

I didn’t actually do anything with it until I went to college and started to switch the genre of my Tumblr blog. And I added on the first name when I switched again to having this life, beauty and fashion blog. Over time it has become the name I changed all my social media sites to using rather than the hodge-podge of usernames I had floating about.

CREDIT: Book Cover Cafe

CREDIT: Book Cover Cafe

Why I Use a Pseudonym/Pen Name?

To be honest it half stemmed out of my mother freaking out over the internet and nothing being private. I don’t mind sharing my personal life online though, but I didn’t want her to know about it so I started to use a pen name. Yes, the one from the Twilight forums.

Another reason was that Alison Young is an insanely popular name, while Mae Polzine is not. If I do a Google search on my real name I get: a Minnesota Public Radio host, a USA Today investigative team member, a QVC Beauty expert, and a judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario. However, if I Google search my pen name I get only me. Either through comments I’ve made on other’s blogs, my own social media outlets, and things that I’m tagged in. So it only seemed right in my mind that I use Mae Polzine over my real name.

What do you guys think about pen names?

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