My Current Bucket List for the Next 2-3 Years

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Everyone has a list of things that want to accomplish or do in their list. I generally make a list of things I want to do within the next two to three years and set goals for myself to accomplish these. As having a bucket list is great but you have to make plans in order to achieve those dreams. So these are the items I have on my bucket list and when I plan on roughly accomplishing them.

  1. Travel Aboard/ Doing Semester at Sea (traveling around the world for two semesters from England to South America and Central America then from California to Asia and Africa landing in Germany). I plan to roughly start this adventure in Fall 2018.
  2. Sky Dive. Planning sometime in Fall 2016.
  3. Graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree. Planning on resuming college in Fall 2016.
  4. Publish a Book. Plan on finish writing book in Winter 2017, hoping to get published shortly there after if I can find a publisher.
  5. Live Independently from my family. Plan on moving out May 2016 with three of my best friends!

There are other goals or dreams that I have but these are the ones I’m actively working on completing in the next two to three years.

What are some of your dreams for the nearby future? Or what would you love to go do if you could do anything or go anywhere?

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