Eyebrow Mistake of A Ten Year Old Mae

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We all have made mistakes when it comes to beauty when we are first starting out. From raccoon eyes, not fully blending in our foundation leaving behind a solid line around the borders, not wearing the correct shade of foundation for our skin tone, or over plucking our eyebrows. And I have done all of these things in the past. But I went one step further on the last one. I shaved off my eyebrows one time when I was about ten or eleven. My hair at the time was platinum blond and I hear that if you shave something it will become darker. So I thought that it was true and I could get darker eyebrows that looked nicer if I removed them. Rather than using eyebrow crayons or pencils to make them look the way I wanted them to.

To be honest no one commented on my missing eyebrows for four months. It wasn’t until my aunt was over at our house, who worked on eyebrows professionally, that I heard a comment about them. And I got a major lecture from both my aunt and my mom on why thinking that shaving them off would make them darker and stylized was incorrect. As well as years of still listening to them asking if I’ve touched my eyebrows.

Since then I have not touched my eyebrows and still have random spots where hair just does not grow. So I have to fill them in all the time in order for them to look half way decent. I do tweeze any hairs that are way astray but for the most part I don’t do anything with them as there’s not a lot neutrally there anymore.

Moral of the story, never shave off your eyebrows. You will regret it.

What is something beauty wise that you’ve done that you lived to regret?

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