Travel Carry-On Essentials

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When I went to school out of state, I did a lot of flying home for breaks. So I perfected my carry-on essentials that can be used whenever I’m flying. Rather it’s just to visit a friend in another state or I’m going on vacation. And yes on the shorter trips some of these are a bit excessive, but I often face lay overs that take forever so these items all come in handy. I often use my Swiss Army Backpack as my carry-on bag that gets stored away under the sit.

Carry-On Essentials

  1. Healthy Snacks: To avoid the temptation of stopping at one of the fast food joints in the airport.
  2. Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Because the last thing I want after a long flight is bad breath.
  3. Headache medication: To relieve the migraines caused from screaming children to loud snoring adults to talkative passengers.
  4. Charger: To ensure your electronics don’t die before or after the flight.
  5. iPod and headphones: To listen to your favorite music throughout the flight.
  6. Gum: Keep breath minty fresh and to help with the attitude differences.
  7. Lotion: To keep your hands from drying out as mine often do after flights.
  8. Passport case: You cannot be caught travelling without this especially if you are going out of the country. Also you can use it to store all your tickets for the various flights you have to get on.
  9. Sweater or scarf: To keep you warm on the flight since most planes no longer provide a blanket.
  10. Camera: To capture all the moments of the trip, though your phone’s camera works just a nice.
  11. Book: To read while the flight is going on. A really good book will help the time fly by.
  12. Laptop: To get work done anytime, anywhere. I can’t be caught dead without it so this has to come with even if I’m only using it when in the hotel.
  13. Wallet: Easy to grab in cash emergencies.
  14. Keys: So you can get back into your car/home after the trip.
  15. Pillow: To you can caught some sleep on the plane journey comfortably.

What do you bring in your carry on when you travel?

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