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20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

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Sometimes you just forget all the things you can blog about. You go through everything you can first think of then go what should I blog about next. And this isn’t to say you should lower your blog quality by any means but to help you find inspiration when the thinking tank just isn’t producing anything. This is part of a mini-series that I am doing on Sundays. Today is all about posts that fall underneath the beauty category.

  1. Your daily makeup routine
  2. A makeup wishlist
  3. Makeup picks for recreating a celebrity’s look
  4. Your top 10 lipsticks/eyeshadows/blushes/etc.
  5. Review products you regret buying
  6. Review some of your must-have products
  7. Makeup collection
  8. Compare products in your makeup collection, pros and cons of each
  9. Makeup tips and advice for beginners
  10.  Makeup horror stories
  11. Makeup looks that inspire you
  12. Review product your recently purchased
  13. Tour of your vanity or shower, showing all products you use
  14. What’s in your makeup bag?
  15. Skincare tips for your skin type
  16. Daily haircare routine
  17. Hairstyle tutorial
  18. Host a giveaway of your favorite products for your readers to win
  19. Any monthly subscription boxes? Photograph or film an unboxing and what you received.
  20. Found any drugstore options that are duplicates of high end products

I hope you found this post helpful when trying to come up with what to write about next. If you have any additional ideas for posts, feel free to leave them in the comments.


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