20 Fashion Blog Post Ideas

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Sometimes you just forget all the things you can blog about. You go through everything you can first think of then go what should I blog about next. And this isn’t to say you should lower your blog quality by any means but to help you find inspiration when the thinking tank just isn’t producing anything. This is the last of the mini-series about blog post ideas. Today is all about posts that fall underneath the fashion category.

  1. Fashion wishlist
  2. Style tips for different articles of clothing
  3. Shoe/purse/hat collection
  4. Themed/seasonal/celebrity inspired outfit
  5. Fashion haul
  6. Collaborate with another blogger to compare how you would style the same article of clothing
  7. Capsule wardrobe challenge and the entire process/experience with doing this
  8. Favorite outfit to wear and why
  9. Favorite trends of the season
  10. Fashion rules or tips
  11. Favorite stores to shop at for clothing
  12. A work day outfit post
  13. What do you wear to the gym?
  14. Live-blog a red carpet or fashion week event (can be from watching at the comfort of your own home)
  15. Interview a fashion designer
  16. Recreate a specific celebrity look
  17. Introduce new brands or designers
  18. Outfit of the day
  19. Style mistakes
  20. Predictions on future trends

I hope you found this post helpful when trying to come up with what to write about next. If you have any additional ideas for posts, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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