Life Lately | April 2016

Been going on a lot of walks by the lake with Pixie lately.

Been going on a lot of walks by the lake with Pixie lately.

Excited to see the ice melt away and to see the stillness of the water on walks.

Excited to see the ice melt away and to see the stillness of the water on walks.

I have not done a life lately since February, let me know if you guys would like these on a monthly basis. I like writing these as they’re one of the ways I can look back and reflect on everything that’s happened. Last time I did one of these I had a lot going on in my life. This month has had several key items but nowhere as many as February. Just as I did for the month of February I will break everything into area of my life though they are all really combined. But I think it makes more organizational sense this way.


This one is more of a major lesson learned and became my biggest headache for the month of March and beginning of April. As I stated back in February, I became an independent consultant for Jamberry. And I mainly do all my business for Jamberry online, so I often get emails with questions about getting products or occasionally meet a client to go over things. Whether on the phone or in person. Anyways, one of my clients for Jamberry paid me for a large order through a cashier check. Now I had heard about cashier checks getting forged and that you have to make sure it clears the bank before doing transactions as they get reviewed. Now one thing I didn’t know is that when the bank says the cashier check processed and no longer in pending status, they’re actually not done reviewing it. So I kind of got screwed and the cashier check was fake. But I had already ordered the product thinking that it had cleared as it wasn’t in pending status anymore. If I had waited three more days after the cashier check had “processed” then I could’ve avoided spending basically all of my own money on an order that I had no way of cancelling as by the time the check came back as a forgery, the order from Jamberry was already delivered. Luckily my mom is letting me take a loan out from her to make up the money I’m out of while I deal with the legal issue of the entire event. To make the story even weirder, the same day I found out it was a fake I received another cashier’s check for even more money than the original check. I’ve pretty much just left that sitting on my desk as I don’t want to get screwed with another fake check. Then just the other day, so several weeks after the incident without hearing any word, I got an email stating that all the product ordered from Jamberry was returned so I could get my money refunded. This whole even has made me super confused over whether it was fraud or not. But since the order was returned, I’m not going to attempt to figure out that other cashier’s check or what the entire event even was. Besides a giant headache that’s made my bank account a weird mess that I have to sort out.


As the whole Jamberry incident basically left me in more debt to my mom, on top of student loans now coming due from the government I got myself another job. Mainly so I could afford to move out with my friends in May. This new job is working at PetSmart as a Pet Hotel Associate where I go for about three hours after my IT job to take boarding dogs out for walks, cleaning rooms for dogs that have gone home, filling water bowls before the overnight staff arrive, and other miscellaneous tasks that have to be done before the overnight staff start. And I love it! Pixie, however, is not. She’s actually rather jealous that I smell like other dogs when I get home.


I’m still trying to figure out next steps for this as my lifelong dream has been to get a Bachelor’s Degree. But I’m at the point where I can’t afford school on my own but I can’t take out any more student loans. Add on that I discovered the hard way even though I was told differently when I applied at my previous college where I got my Associate’s Degree, that my credits don’t transfer. So if I was going to go back to college, I’m not looking at two more years of college but four if I go full time. Which leaves me basically debating not over what program, but if I want to get my Bachelor’s Degree or just make up the missing degree with just work experience until I can get student loans back again.


I decided in March that I would start up my gaming channel again as well as a Twitch channel. And I made a video schedule, but since starting the second job at PetSmart I’m changing at least the streaming aspect as I’m not going to be always available on Saturdays. Those are now just going to be whenever I have time to sit down for two to three hours to record games.

Main channel (Mae Polzine): Weekly videos on Mondays at 2:00 PM CST/CDT

Gaming Channel (MaePolzineGames): Monthly gaming series posted every day until it completes at 2:00 PM. For the month of April this is Dragon Age: Origins. However this is a long game so it might carry on for a few months.

I was saving up for a ring light and microphone as well as a better computer that got actually handle video editing and gaming better, but those are currently on hold until I can get caught up from the Jamberry incident. As well as move to my new place in May.


From Left to Right: Kiki, Ariel, Mimmy, and me.

From Left to Right: Kiki, Ariel, Mimmy, and me.

Yes, I’ve been mentioning it for about a month or two now. But it’s official! I’m moving out of my parent’s house and into a townhouse with two of my best friends: Kiki and Ariel. Kiki has been one of my very close friends since I moved in the fourth grade and Ariel has become a close friend of mine recently. But we have known each other since high school over a guy we used to know. As we were in the same circle of friends. We were going to move in with my other friend, Mimmy, as well but she decided to pull out as her parents were possibly going to build her an apartment above their garage.

I will be doing a room and vanity/makeup tour once I get everything set up. We are moving in at the last weekend of April. I’m moving in over the course of the weekend and have to go get a bunch of stuff before I move in. As well as re-paint my dresser, end table, and accessory unit as they are all a mismatch of colors. But I honestly cannot wait to move in, as I have not lived on my own from my parents unless you count the two years I lived in Montana for college. Even then they were paying my bills, so this will be like the first time going completely independent. I am both excited and nervous!

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