Fashion Rules I Do Not Follow

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Credit: becomegorgeouS

Credit: becomegorgeouS

There are a lot of classic fashion rules that are typically still followed today. And many of them I do not obey. Fashion is a way to express yourself, so some of the rules I just don’t feel like they apply anymore. And it limits the fun on creating your own style. So these are all the rules that I do not follow:

  1. No White After Labor Day. This is an outdated rule and sometimes I just want to wear white regardless of the time of year.
  2. You can only wear heels with dresses or skirts. Sometimes I just love wearing my converse shoes with my dresses or skirts. And heels can be a hassle in some situations.
  3. Metallics and sequins only work at night. This is a fun pop of color at any time of the day.
  4. Your bag should match your shoes. I love a good purse as much as the next person, but having either enough shoes or purses that match each other is ridiculous.
  5. Navy and black don’t go together. I like this is a beautiful combination. Why limit fashion by what colors can’t go together? As long as they’re paired nicely they can become a great look.
  6. No stockings or socks with open toed shoes. This can be an awesome look if they are paired together. So this rule can die in the past.
  7. Overalls are meant for children. I love overalls, I’m not going to stop wearing them just because I’m not a child. They are comfortable and can look really cute.

What are some fashion rules that you refuse to follow or do not believe in?

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